Archery Tournament Of Mongolian bow

The Initial International Conventional Archery Invitational Competition called Multi-Colored Magic Arrow Glass (in Oriental, termed Wu-Cai- Shen-Jian-Bei), will undoubtedly be kept from Sep. 8 to eleven in Jianzha Region of Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, northwest Chinas Qinghai Province, launched in the media meeting kept within the Condition Authorities Information Workplace on Aug.10. Before this year, … [Read more…]

Hunting turkey in Spring

In many means. hunting turkeys with a bow is much like hunting with a shotgun. In deer hunting, for example. there is a big change from a bore .30/06 rifle to a fifty-pound compound.have magnified telescopic sights and also the bullet gets the zapping power to anchor a buck where he stands. Turkey bowhunting, on … [Read more…]